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PBC Triumph

This paddle combines advanced composite technology for a superb blend of power with control, a soft yet crisp feel, and exceptional maneuverability, thanks to hyperbite technology for spin.

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This paddle incorporates advanced composite technology for an outstanding balance of power with control, providing a soft yet crisp feel and impressive maneuverability, thanks to hyperbite technology for enhanced spin. It features a molded handle and a core made of 7mm x 12mm polypropylene (PPE) honeycomb, while the face is crafted from unidirectional and woven carbon fiber and glass fiber blend. You can choose between weights of 7.8 oz or 8.2 oz and enjoy a 4″ circumference grip with a moisture-absorbing ridged design. The paddle comes with a 6-month warranty and boasts an elongated head shape.


Features and Specifications:

o Advanced Composite Technology
o Excellent combination of Power with Control
o Soft with Crisp Feel
o Excellent maneuverability
o  Hyper bite technology for Spin
o  Molded Handle
o Core: 7mm x 12mm Polypropylene (PPE) Honeycomb
o Face: Unidirectional and Woven Carbon Fiber and Glass Fiber
o  Weight: 7.8 oz or 8.2 oz
o Handle Size: 4″; Circumference grip
o Grip: Mositure absorbing ridged grip
o Warranty: 6 months
o Paddle Shape: Elongated Head

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13mm, 16mm

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