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Skill Development Under Pressure

We will have all the equipment you will need to learn and play pickleball at every lesson, event and program.

  1. Simulate Pressure Situations: 
    Create scenarios that mimic the pressure you might feel during a game. You will hit multiple shots under game like pressure, getting feedback if your shots are generally up to standard or not.

    Focus on Fundamentals:
    Ensure a strong foundation in the basics of the game. So you create a muscle memory that will not fail you during game time.

    Progressive Challenge:
    Gradually increase the difficulty of your practice sessions. This helps you adapt to higher-pressure situations over time.

    Constructive Criticism:
    Kevin will provide constructive criticism. This means feedback that highlights areas for improvement but also suggests practical ways to enhance your skills.

    Set Goals:
    Work with Kevin to set short-term and long-term goals. This will give your practice sessions a clear direction and purpose.