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Get informed and register for our pickleball lessons, classes, and programs.

We will have all the equipment you will need to learn and play pickleball at every lesson, event and program.

Pickleball Lessons and Classes

Pickleball Connect has developed a new lesson classification to help guide you in registering in the proper level.  As with any sports, you may repeat a level a few times before you progress to the next level. In the section below you can find out more about pickleball lessons, classes, and programs.

Junior Program (Ages 8-17)

Learn the foundation of the game. Proper grip, the beginning of good movement patterns and balance. Stroke development, both forehand and backhand, introduction to the volley, service plus return, and the rules. As the number of participants increase players will be divided into age group, and level of ability. Expect to develop elite level juniors over a period of time.

Stage 1 (Level 1.0)

This is a Learn to Play program. Learn the foundation of pickleball. Proper grip, the beginning of good movement patterns and balance. Stroke development, both forehand and backhand, introduction to the volley, service plus return, scoring and the rules.

Stage 2 (Level 1.5)

After the Stage 1 program you will be developing sports-specific shots  and their techniques. No more hitting without any control. 

Prerequisites include two or more of the following:

  • Stage 1 PBC lessons

  • Have a basic understanding of pickleball rules and scoring

  • Have played pickleball more than a dozen times

Stage 3 (Level 2.0)

When skills from the Stage 2 have developed, move onto Stage 3. Improve the quality of your forehand, backhand and volleys. Start to developing an understanding of court positioning. At this level we will continue to work on improving your serve.

Stage 4 (Level 2.5)

At this Stage 4 level we will work on sustaining longer rallies. We will continue to work on improving all strokes, especially the backhand. In this stage will be focus on moving to the NVZ line and improve our volley and drop shots. At the end of Stage 4 we will have a good understanding of the tactics.

Stage 5 (Level 3.0)

Stage 5 is a big jump from Stage 4. Have you won a tournament at a 2.5 level? Would you be comfortable entering in a tournament as a 3.0 player? If the answer is “yes” then welcome to Stage 5. In stage 5 will be improving our serves by serving the ball at a faster pace. We will continue to work on ball control. We will be working on placing the ball where we want it to go. At this level no more thinking that getting the ball back over the net is good enough, ball placement and strategy will start to develop at this stage.

Stage 6 (Level 3.5)

Stage 6 is where we help you increase your accuracy in placing your shot. Help you with your shot selection, increase your variety of shots, and anticipate your opponent’s shots. Stage 6 helps you develop better strategies for playing doubles.

For information on this program, please email

Ball Machine & Drills

The best way to improve your game is practice, practice, practice.  In this 90 minute drill lesson your will be working on a different shot every week.  Your coach will show you the drill with a partner and  you will use our new pickleball cannon ball machine.

Program Description

Guided Play

Games only with a Pickleball Connect team member overseeing play.

Why join guided play?

  • We only take 5 people per courts, play 4 games, rest one

  • A Pickleball Connect team member is there to  provide feedback on rules, technique, and strategies to the group as a whole. 

  • Players will play with people at similar playing levels

  • We only allow the people that have preregistered to play

  • Lots of play in 2 hours

  • Organized by a Pickleball Connect Team Member

  • Pickleball Connect team member ensures everyone has equal playing time

  • Games will be timed for equal play

 Please note that guided play is not a lesson. Guided play is for players who know how to play pickleball.

Paddles will be available to use

No refunds 72 hours before play


Pickleball Connect is happy to bring half day pickleball tournaments for all pickleball levels in Calgary, Alberta. 

Sign up as a single player and we will find you a partner or sign up as a team! Each event has mixed, men’s or ladies teams. 

Each tournament includes a social, beverage and food ticket

Skills & Drills

A Skills & Drills session is dedicated to honing and enhancing your abilities by engaging in focused practice to build muscle memory. The coach, in collaboration with the enrolled participants, will decide on the specific skill to be emphasized during each session. 


In the thrilling realm of pickleball, the importance of well-structured leagues cannot be overstated. As a dedicated player, you recognize that engaging in leagues is a crucial element in refining your skills and cultivating a strong sense of community.

We commit to steering you through the standout leagues, providing the guidance you need to make informed choices about events that align with your skill level and aspirations. Armed with our expert insights, you’ll be prepared to step onto the pickleball court and carve out a reputation for yourself in this rapidly growing community, 

Every week, the PBC league is supported by a professional organizer, guaranteeing the fairness and smooth operation of the games.

Boot Camps

Pickleball boot camps are 1 day programs that target different topics related to improving your game.

Example topics: Doubles Strategies, Fourth Shot Effectiveness, Understanding Transition Zone, NVZ (Kitchen) Consistency, Serving & Returning Deep & many more!