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We supply all equipment, such as paddles, nets, and balls. We do recommend court shoes and comfortable clothing. A clean gym runner will suffice if you do not have a court shoe. A court shoe has features built in for safety and performance. With being in our program, you will receive 15% off Pickleball Connect court shoes and most Pickleball Connect paddles.

2-Digit Ratings Guide

Junior Program (Ages 8-17)

Learn the foundation of the game. Proper grip, the beginning of good movement patterns and balance. Stroke development, both forehand and backhand, introduction to the volley, service plus return, and the rules. As the number of participants increase players will be divided into age group, and level of ability. Expect to develop elite level juniors over a period of time.

Level 1.0 - Novice

A newcomer to the game, with little to no knowledge of the game. Played less than a dozen times if they do have experience.

Level 1.5 - Beginner

Capable of sustaining brief exchanges, grasping fundamental strokes, and can get most serves in. Struggles with consistency and easy shots, can keep score, and understands the two-bounce rule, etc.

Level 2.0 - Developing Player

Able to engage in short rallies, demonstrating proficiency in forehand, backhand, and volley strokes. Understanding of court positioning even though execution may be inconsistent.

Level 2.5 - Improving Competitor

Longer rallies but at a moderate pace, gaining competence in various strokes, including backhands. Introduces elements like through the non-volley zone and volleys variations. Increasing awareness of strategy and rules, though court coverage remains a challenge.

Level 3.0 - Intermediate Player

Exhibits a reliable first three shots of rallies, albeit at a medium pace. Basic stroke proficiency is evident, yet precision and placement are areas for refinement. Begins experimenting with all shots, while strategic understanding deepens.

Level 3.5 - Competent Player

Demonstrates control and placement with medium-paced shots, though handling fast-paced shots remains a work in progress. Evolving shot variety and aggression, along with improved anticipation of opponents’ moves. Consistency is much better and unforced errors are rare. Court coverage is solid.

Level 4.0 - Advanced Competitor

Displays consistency in both forehand and backhand strokes, incorporating spin effectively. Initiates offensive plays with strategic serves and shots, but may sometimes falter due to impatience. Mastery of dinks, drops, and 3rd shot strategies marks progress in tactical understanding. Can plan out a rally and always tries to outthink the opponent.

Level 4.5 - Skilled Competitor

Precision in shot placement and spin manipulation is becoming refined. Adaptable gameplay tailored to opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, showcasing good footwork and court positioning. Developing a versatile and adaptive play style, along with a deeper understanding of strategic choices.

Level 5.0 - Elite Competitor

Mastery across all shot types, with exceptional anticipation and accuracy. Minimizes errors while capitalizing on opponent weaknesses, demonstrating mastery of dinks, drops, and strategic plays. Versatility in gameplay and the ability to adjust strategies on the fly highlight elite athleticism and tactical acumen.

Program Description


Pickleball Connect is happy to bring half day pickleball tournaments for all pickleball levels in Calgary, Alberta. 

Sign up as a single player and we will find you a partner or sign up as a team! Each event has mixed, men’s or ladies teams. 

Each tournament includes a social, beverage and food ticket


In the thrilling realm of pickleball, the importance of well-structured leagues cannot be overstated. As a dedicated player, you recognize that engaging in leagues is a crucial element in refining your skills and cultivating a strong sense of community.

We commit to steering you through the standout leagues, providing the guidance you need to make informed choices about events that align with your skill level and aspirations. Armed with our expert insights, you’ll be prepared to step onto the pickleball court and carve out a reputation for yourself in this rapidly growing community, 

Every week, the PBC league is supported by a professional organizer, guaranteeing the fairness and smooth operation of the games.

Boot Camps

Pickleball boot camps are 1 day programs that target different topics related to improving your game.

Example topics: Doubles Strategies, Fourth Shot Effectiveness, Understanding Transition Zone, NVZ (Kitchen) Consistency, Serving & Returning Deep & many more!Experience the perfect blend of fitness and fun with our Pickleball Fit class! Elevate your cardio, agility, and coordination while mastering pickleball techniques. Suitable for all pickleball & fitness levels, join us for a dynamic workout on the court