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Get your Canadian designed pickleball gear. Shop paddles, court shoes, balls, nets & more.

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Discover the excellence in pickleball training with our dedicated service, offering a diverse range of lessons and training programs tailored for all ages and levels of play. Our sessions are meticulously designed to cater to kids and adults, ensuring everyone from beginners to advanced players finds the guidance they need.

Guided by our team of certified and experienced trainers, you’ll be immersed in a learning environment where skills are nurtured, strategies are honed, and confidence is built, ensuring every player thrives in the vibrant world of pickleball. Join us, and elevate your game!

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Our Story - Pickleball Connect

Pickleball Connect began in 2019, after our founders, Kevin Doucet & Cindy Mittelstaedt, knew that they wanted to bring high quality lessons, gear and pickleball getaways to the Calgary area and eventually to the rest of Canada.